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Mobile Auto Air offer a comprehensive
range of on site services on The Gold Coast

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Get the on site services of the owner operator who is fully qualified specialist.
We offer the following:



Diagnostic Service (all vehicles are subjected to this service)

The normal statement from the owner is "My Aircon needs a re-gas"

However, we need to determine firstly why your AC System is not operating efficiently.

This is achieved by us doing a comprehensive Diagnostic Service as follows:

  • Travel to your place.
  • Connect Compound Gauges to the AC System this will determine the gas level in the system.

If the system has no Gas we need to charge the system with Dry Nitrogen to pressure test.

If it passes this test we can then test the operation of the compressor, TX Valve ans Receiver Drier.

If it fails the pressure test we will determine where the leak is and quote to rectify the problem prior to re-gassing the system.


If the Gas charge is Ok any of the following could be the reason the system is not operating.

Receiver Drier Blocked, TX Valve Blocked, Compressor failure, Clutch failure, Poor Condensing,

Faulty switch,  pressure switch, thermostat, Resistor.

We will determine what the problem is and quote to rectify.

Electronic Scanning Service

The basic diagnostic service may indicate an Electronic problem in which case it is necessary to utilise special scanning equipment to determine which component is causing the problem.

Re-gas Service

We only offer a Re-gas after the Diagnostic Service above (cost $60) is carried out and it is determined that the system is suitable to be Re-gassed.

Gas Recovery Service

It is illegal to release refrigerant into the Atmosphere. The penalty for this runs into several thousand dollars.

We offer a Recovery service for those who are doing thier own repairs as follows:

  • Travel to your place
  • Recover the Refrigerant

Conversion to R134a Refrigerant

Older systems may need to be converted to R134a Gas. This requires the following procedures:

  • Travel to your place
  • Carry out Diagnostic Service as above. If System is suitable to be converted supply and fit the following;
  • Dedicated Charge Valves
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Receiver Drier (Filter) or Accumulator
  • Re gas the system

The cost for this service can vary because of the varying cost of the Receiver Driers

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